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Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid
Who Should Buy This Vehicle?

For those folks who must have a traditional truck-based SUV, the 2008 Chevy Tahoe Hybrid is a best-case scenario, provided they can handle the $50-grand-plus price tag. There's something eerily satisfying about getting 21 mpg while driving a big and powerful SUV.

Suceava 360 Grade Ford Edge Limited

The Edge's cabin remains reasonably quiet at speed, and its supple ride over broken pavement is family-friendly. The leather-trimmed front seats provide excellent support on longer trips, though some of our drivers found the head restraints to be uncomfortably canted forward. Also, the front seats' hybrid power/manual adjustments are hard to figure — power adjustments for the seatback angle and lumbar support would be welcome. The driving position is further marred by the absence of a dead pedal.

Suceava 360 Grade Test Drive: 2008 Audi TT Coupe 3.2 Quattro
And then there's the backseat, which Audi says is only suitable for those shorter than 4-foot-11. We put someone who's exactly 4-foot-11 back there for 50 miles, and verified that claim. Anyone taller will greet the hatchback's glass, while anyone at all will be irritated by the near 90-degree seatback and microscopic legroom. Versus true two-seat sports cars, the TT's added versatility is certainly nice in a pinch. Otherwise, its aft quarters are more likely to serve as additional cargo space.

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Now, about that fuel economy. The EPA estimates the 2009 Astra XR Coupe with the manual transmission gets 24 mpg city/32 mpg highway and 27 mpg combined, compared with 21/30/24 mpg for the 2009 Rabbit with the manual transmission. However, our combined observed fuel economy for the Astra coupe was only 22 mpg, although our results might not be in line with those of the average driver. But even using published numbers, the long-term fuel savings might not justify the Astra's higher sticker price. According to EPA estimated fuel costs, the much more powerful 2009 Rabbit is only $188 more per year to drive. In this respect, the Astra can't necessarily claim to be a better overall value.

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