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SpotThings – The Search Engine That Looks Around!

SpotThings, a new kind of search engine, has been released online for public use. This search engine specializes in localized searching or ‘spotting things’. After being in development for a while now, it was unveiled recently and can be accessed from the website A lot of online enthusiasts have expressed interest in this project.

SpotThings provides the user with location-specific data on almost any category of search online. It can range from miscellaneous items to houses and cars. SpotThings also allows you to search for jobs online.

It works by aggregating search results from various famous search engines. It uses Google, Yahoo and MSN backend for general searches. Services from the website are used for searching job opportunities. Finally, eBay and Oodle are used to online shopping services. Though most leading search engines provide all of these services, the latter are better because of their specific nature.

While all these techniques are commonly used online, SpotThings adds a few twists to the story. Apart from search terms, it also requests the user for some more parameters to narrow down the search. By providing a ZIP code for the locality the user wishes to search in, it limits searches to that area. SpotThings has an extensive database in its server that it can search through for ZIP codes and figure out neighboring areas too. The user can specify the distance or radius of the result from the specified place.

Imagine you need to find a house in a certain area of your city. Usually this would require you to go through a lot of information in home searching websites, and find out the ones that have a matching ZIP code or address. This process is completely automated in SpotThings. It is as simple as searching a database with specific parameters.

The next distinguishing feature of SpotThings is the ability to enter the price range. For every search, you can specify the limit of the price. If you wanted that house to cost no more than $1000 a month, you just have to specify that in the maximum price field. No other search engine can provide this level of customization. SpotThings lets you specify a lower price limit too. This can be useful in weeding out fake or duplicate products that flood today’s market.

This approach makes job hunting very easy. You can easily find a job within the vicinity of your residence that pays you what you want.

SpotThings also has the ability to be a general shopping site. Looking around in the category of your interest without actually specifying the exact product you want presents you with a multitude of interesting products. For example, by searching for Home Improvement and mentioning the price limits, you can browse through hundreds of items in the same category.

All these features have made SpotThings a very compelling option for most online searching. The combination of a killer set of features and a robust server backing the website provides excellent service throughout the day.

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