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Hair Loss? Get Your Hair Back with Hair Implants

New Look MD Hair Implants, 01.20.2011 - Hair implants is a cosmetic surgery procedure that will give you a natural looking head of hair. Hair implants will give you your healthy, youthful look back so you can start living your life again with confidence. New look MD Hair Implants offers a free consultation for your hair loss problems and will discuss hair loss solutions, including hair implants.

Hair Implants surgery is a simple process where your hair is taken from one place of your head and transplanted into a balding area. The posterior section of the head has more hair units, called hair follicles than it needs. These excess hairs will be removed and then implanted into the balding spot which improves natural hair growth and is a permanent solution for your hair loss. New look MD Hair Implants are using the latest technology to produce the maximum density and coverage for a full, completely natural look.

The New look MD Hair Implants surgeon uses microscopic surgical techniques that precisely put the follicular into place that is often referred to as pinpoint hair restoration. The hair implants procedure may be done in one afternoon or two depending on the number of follicles that will be implanted. After implanting, you will have some pinprick looking irritations that will go away in a few days. It will take a few months for the transplanted grafts to adjust to their new surroundings but soon your hair will actually start to grow again.

Hair implants will give you the natural looking head of hair only if it is done by a skilled and experienced microscopic surgeon. New look MD Hair Implants has skilled, talented surgeons with many years of experience in performing microscopic hair implants. They are specialized in hair implants surgery and hair loss treatments. They treat hair loss patients in Los Angeles, San Diego , Orange Country, Irvine, San Fernando Valley, San Jose, San Francisco, California and many parts of the world.

There is a lot of confusion that is currently out there when dealing with hair implants and this type of cosmetic procedure. As a matter of fact, some people don’t understand at all what goes into the surgery that gives you the natural looking head of hair that you want. In order for you to understand this, however, we really need to start at the beginning and perhaps even look at some of the other systems that are available which are better avoided.

These other types of systems include non-surgical hair replacement, which is really just hair weaving or perhaps gluing the hair into place. Pharmaceutical drugs, such as Rogaine and minoxidil have been met with limited success, but these are not a permanent solution as well. Wearing a hair piece, typically referred to as a toupee is also an option that you have available to you. What you may not realize, however, is that wearing a good toupee costs thousands of dollars, as you need to continually keep the toupee maintained and you will need to purchase new toupees over the course of your lifetime.

Understanding these other types of procedures can help you to see how hair implants can really be the only option that is truly going to give you the natural looking head of hair that you desire. Hair implants take hair from your own head and transplant it into the area that is experiencing the balding. These natural hairs are implanted in such a way that the follicle will still remain alive and it will continue to grow new hair for the rest of your life. When done properly, this can result in the natural looking head of hair that is similar to the way that it looked prior to your hair falling out.

That doesn’t mean, however, that there are not some choices that need to be made along the way. An example of this is the type of surgery that is going to be done in order to both farm the follicular units and to insert them into your scalp. Make sure that the surgeon that you choose uses microscopic surgical techniques that precisely put the follicular units into place. This is often referred to as pinpoint hair restoration, and it is the most up-to-date type of surgical procedure that exists for hair implants. Other type of procedures, such as punch grafting are not going to give you the same look and typically are only utilized to get as many done as possible on a daily basis.

By all means, explore the various options that are available to you. Eventually, you will learn that the only true hair implants that give you the natural and full looking head of hair you desire are those that are available from doctors going microscopic surgery. Choosing anything but the best will generally cause you to be unhappy with the job that was done.

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