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NightTHRiVE Media and Marketing Group Says the Show Must Go On!!

DALLAS — July 17, 2011 – Michael Norton, NightTHRiVE Media and Marketing Group LLC Chief Executive Officer annouced today that they will no longer to continue providing Marketing and Public Relations services for United Entertainment, Inc., of Arlington and Fort Worth, Texas. United Entertainment, Inc, while struggling with legal entity name change to possibly United Entertainment, Organization has bitten off more than they can chew. That combined with other challenges, lead to questionable business practices. “Although I believe in the causes and underlying of United Entertainment, Inc.’s direction and mission, it just was not a good fit for us [NightTHRiVE] and wish Karen P. Smith and Ryan Monett much support and success as they move forward, in a direction independent of NightTHRiVE” commented Mr. Norton.

But when one door closes, another opens. Or as in this case, a whole warehouse. Although too soon to release much detail, NightTHRiVE Media and Marketing Group LLC has been asked to manage and market the release of a major book title for an amazing local author that has been approached for a possible television series and movie. The proceeds from these endeavours will support another local non-profit organization that has far reaching hands to every person in the United States. Norton says, “This news is so exciting for this company we can hardly keep both feet on the ground and are extremely honored to be a part of something so amazing and large that will have such a positive impact for everyone.”


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NightTHRiVE Media and Marketing Group, LLC, is a local marketing and Public Relations firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The main objective of the company is “Bringing Life to Your Vision,” NightTHRiVE offers logo creation/optimization, web site design, event planning, media production, planning and promotion. The company utilizes one full-time account manager and interns from local universities in addition to CEO Michael Norton.

NightTHRiVE Media and Marketing Group focuses on providing local and global businesses with an alternative to large corporations through utilizing a customer-based approach, rather than corporate fine print and greed. “We give the small business owner work space in our office in downtown Dallas to ensuring the best collaborative efforts are achieved during marketing and PR events.  We began this company because American business has changed immensely the last twenty years. Unfortunately, it’s not been a change in step with the consumer, small business owner, or non-profit organizations. We give marketing back through personal care and attention to detail. Now more than ever, the media and marketing world is given back to those who utilize it most – small to medium sized companies,” explained Norton.