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Nobel Media Explores Research on Memory and its Heritage from the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

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17 May 2010

Nobel Media Explores Research on Memory and its Heritage from the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Nobel Media AB, the company responsible for producing the official Nobel TV programs and documentaries, presents a new 30 minute documentary called The Mystery of Memory produced by award-winning US production company Kikim Media.  The documentary is currently broadcast in the United States on PBS channels.

The Mystery of Memory, the first documentary within the AstraZeneca Nobel Medicine Initiative, takes viewers on a journey of discovery, looking at some of the most exciting scientific research being done today on the biological workings of memory.  The documentary delves into the foundations of today's memory research which was laid by early 20th Century Nobel Prize-awarded pioneers, and uncovers how today's neuroscientists are helping to find new treatments for disorders of memory. The film provides a unique insight into the secrets of the brain's astounding ability to record and recall information, and includes interviews with some of today's most prominent scientists, such as Eric Kandel, the 2000 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine.

"By exploring how memory works and re-tracing current research to earlier Nobel Prize awarded achievements, this documentary illuminates how fragile and complex memory functions and how much research there still needs to be done", said Camilla Hyltén-Cavallius, CEO, Nobel Media.

For a short trailer video about The Mystery of Memory, see:

The Mystery of Memory is part of the AstraZeneca Nobel Medicine Initiative, a global co-operation between AstraZeneca, Nobel Media AB and Nobel Web AB. The aim of the Initiative is to increase understanding of the Nobel Prize awarded achievements within the fields of Physiology or Medicine among the general public, and to explain the benefits of these discoveries.

To read more about the AstraZeneca Nobel Medicine Initiative, see:

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