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Kelly Blue Book Names Top 10 Green Cars For 2010

The Top 10 "Green Cars" for 2010 are listed by Kelly Blue Book, the ultimate authority on all cars. The list has foreign and domestic autos, and measures "green cars" on the basis of fuel economy, carbon dioxide emissions, safety and "driving enjoyment". Just since the credibility of a vehicle's "greenness" might be measured in many ways, this list tries to measure those autos that individuals might really want to drive.

10 - Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid

If you know someone who calls hybrids weak, they need to take a take a look at the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid. Able to tow almost 3 tons, this hybrid SUV has a full-sized body, a heavy-duty engine and gets 22 mpg. The Tahoe's mpg rating is not amazing, but it does provide 6 miles per gallon more than the non-hybrid Tahoe.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid - #9

Though the company has faced recall problem after recall problem, Toyota vehicles offer some of one of the most well-tested hybrid technology. The Highlander Hybrid will cozily seat seven and still get 26 mpg. Standard all-wheel drive means a stable ride throughout the entire year.

BMW 335d : Eight

Because it is a BMW, the 335d has creature comforts worthy of the BMW name. The 6-cylinder engine runs on diesel, so with 36 mpg highway and 27 mpg overall, the BMW 335d rivals some hybrids for efficiency.

7 - Honda Fit

At 31 mpg, the Honda Fit is listed above its better-mpg cousins because it is more fun to drive. Environmental credibility doesn't mean that the paddle shifters and powerful oomph aren't fun to drive.

Ford Escape Hybrid - #6

At 32 mpg, the Escape Hybrid also has the room of an SUV. Built by SUV specialists at Ford, the Escape has lots of little touches that improve drivability. Blind spot mirrors, parallel parking assistance, and also the possibly controversial infotainment system all combine for better drivability.

Mini Cooper - #5

The Mini Cooper is a large part of the Fiat family of vehicles. While the Mini E is being tested in some cities, just about anyone can get this minuscule green vehicle ride. This assumes that you can fit to the Mini Cooper, that is.

4 - Volkswagen Golf TDI

Volkswagen, originators of the high-efficiency diesel engine in mass market cars, has won again with the Golf TDI. With huge amounts of low-end torque and 34 mpg, this roomy beauty gives plenty of power to match the fuel economy.

Ford Fusion Hybrid : Number Three

The rating on the Ford Fusion Hybrid is 39 mpg average. The Fusion Hybrid has the room of a real mid-size sedan, and also the LCD gauge panel is getting lots of attention from auto lovers.

2 - Honda Insight Hybrid

A 41 mpg fully loaded Honda Insight comes with a suggested retail price of only $23,810. Forget making sacrifices, the Insight Hybrid has voice-activated navigation, Bluetooth, and a rocking audio system.

Toyota Prius - #1

At 50 mpg, the newest Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid gets 50 miles per the gallon. With plenty of green credibility, the solar-powered ventilation system matches with the gas-assisted engine.