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New Web Design Service, NUVO Websites, Promises to be “ONE STOP SHOP” for Website Design and Promotion

With the proliferation of more and more affordable web design companies competing for clients, getting your website on the web has never been more affordable. Just a few short years ago, purchasing a comprehensive multi-page website could easily cost a minimum of $2500 or more but now, similar designs and packages can be had for just a few hundred dollars. One company that has recently jumped into the market is NUVO Websites and it is looking to offer incredibly high quality website design and promotional packages for very little money.

One thing that is different about NUVO from many of the other low cost web design companies is their location. While many designers that offer affordable, high quality websites are located overseas, NUVO’s home base is located in New Jersey. They have several other satellite offices as well all located within the 48 contiguous states. “We wanted to create products and services that not only blew away what other developers can do, but do it for pricing that you normally see from overseas vendors. People are shocked when they realize we are right here in the good ole US of A!” said John Stover, co-founder of Paradigm AMO corp, the parent company of NUVO.

The company features a turnkey solution for those seeking websites that starts with a simple form to tell the company more about what you do and what you are looking for in a website. Once this is complete, a representative from NUVO will contact the client to get additional info and the work will begin. Oftentimes, high quality comprehensive websites can be created and delivered to the clients within just a matter of days and for under $500. “Our team has years of experience designing high quality websites and with our organized approach, we can narrow in on what the client wants and begin to bring their vision to life almost right before their eyes. If they are unsure of exactly what they want, they can also hand us the keys and we will drive the project home for them.” said Lead Developer Ben Kuhn when asked about their website services.

In addition to website design, the company also specializes in logo creation and search engine optimization packages. John Stover takes the lead on the SEO aspect of NUVO’s packages and said, “In the past, many individuals and businesses spent tons of money on a cool looking website, and then watched as it gathered dust waiting for people to arrive. Now, folks are more savvy about the need for SEO but those that are too busy or don’t have the time to learn the skills simply need someone to take this over for them. We want to offer a complete solution from design to promotion so that the client only needs to think about what they do best and let us handle the rest.”

Anyone wanting to inquire about the products and services NUVO Websites offers is encourage to visit them on the web at or call the company directly at (201) 885-6886.

Business Name: Paradigm AMO Corp
Phone Number: (201) 885-6886


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