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Olink Bioscience introduces a new and improved Duolink product line

Uppsala, Sweden, May 12, 2010 - Olink Bioscience expands its product portfolio by launching three new products, the Duolink® II reagent kit, Duolink® ImageTool, and Duolink® II Probemaker. The original Duolink product line, introduced on the market in 2007, has been well received by academic labs and pharma companies for its unique and enabling features to visualize and locate native protein-protein interactions and low abundant proteins in fixed cells and tissues. The new, updated version of the Duolink kit offers the same unique features but is faster, better and more convenient. Together with the ImageTool and Probemaker Olink Bioscience is now able to offer a complete solution, from detection to image analysis, for the protein research community where these powerful tools will help elucidate disease mechanisms and signaling pathways, leading to the development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics.


The Duolink II reagent kit has a new and improved formula and in combination with fewer steps and a significantly shorter protocol it becomes more user-friendly and efficient. Experiment and analysis can be completed within the same day.

The Duolink ImageTool is a dedicated and easy to use imaging software tool optimized for the analysis of cells and tissue sections processed with the Duolink reagents. Each signal, generated from the reagents, can objectively and accurately be quantified by the software, enabling single cell statistical analysis of expression levels in tissue or cell populations. The results can easily be exported to Excel for further evaluation and result images can be exported to TIFF for use in publications.

The Duolink II Probemaker kit enables quick and convenient conjugation of the PLA® oligonucleotide arms directly to primary antibodies, eliminating the need for PLA probes based on secondary antibodies. This feature allows the use of same species monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies in a Duolink assay and also opens up the possibility to study homodimeric protein complexes.

The Duolink product line is based on Olink Bioscience proprietary in situ PLA, a proximity ligation assay technology that extends the capabilities of traditional protein techniques to include direct detection of proteins, protein-protein interactions and post-translational modifications with unparalleled specificity and sensitivity. Target proteins are detected at the single molecular level, allowing digital quantification and information about the exact localization of the targets. Furthermore, the proteins can be studied at physiological expression levels in fixed cells and tissue sections.

About Olink Bioscience


Olink Bioscience is a privately held biotech supply company based in Uppsala, Sweden founded in 2004. The company controls significant IP covering technologies related to detection and analysis of proteins and nucleic acids. These technologies are commercialized as proprietary Olink Bioscience products, in spin-out companies and in collaboration with external organization. In 2007 Olink Bioscience introduced the Duolink product line for in situ detection of proteins, protein interactions and protein modifications. These products are based on PLA, a proximity ligation assays technology which use dual recognition of the analyte in combination with a DNA amplification based reporter system, resulting in unparalleled sensitivity and specificity. The technology is available as reagent kits and contract research projects through Olink Bioscience.


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Duolink is intended for research use only. Duolink is not for use in human diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. The following trademarks are owned by Olink AB: Olink®, Olink Bioscience, Duolink®, and PLA®.


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