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Oklahoma Parent's Handbook to Swimming Pool Safety Put out by Pool Barrier of Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Okla. - According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), about 350 boys and girls under the age of five drown each year in backyard pools while as many as 5,000 more are hospitalized by reason of drowning-correlated happenings. Regrettably, in Oklahoma all alone, roughly 20 perish every year in swimming connected accidents.

Pool Barrier of Oklahoma this afternoon announced it is giving a no cost online guide titled "Pool Safety Tips for Oklahoma Families" on its web site. The pamphlet consists of information, statistics and tips regarding home swimming pool safety. Intrigued parents may get the free brochure by going to and clicking on the "Free Pamphlet" hotlink at the end of the web page.

Marty Holland, president of Pool Barrier of Oklahoma, said the firm decided to release the report right now with warm weather not far off.

"The calendar months of May, June and July are considered the high season for drowning accidents in the United states," said Holland. "We decided to get this information and facts out to the public as quickly as possible so families would be taking into consideration swimming pool safety as they get their pools primed for the Oklahoma summer."

Several of the information included in the report include making sure there's close watch at any time young children are near a swimming pool, using fencing around home pools with securing gates and having doorway alarms on outside doors so mothers and fathers will know when their kids go outside.

Holland said employing a swimming pool safety barrier that can not be crawled underneath, crawled through or climbed is critical for moms and dads with young ones.

"Truth be told three out of four drownings of young children occur while the child is out of a mother or father's sight for under 5 minutes," said Holland. "This is the reason it is highly recommended to ensure that you have the swimming pool properly blocked where small children can not get any where near it if they happen to sneak outdoors without their mother or father's knowledge."

About Pool Barrier of Oklahoma

Pool Barrier of Oklahoma is Oklahoma’s Authorized Dealer for Pool Barrier™ (swimming pool fence, completely removable fence, safety fence), a leading designer of premium child-resistant swimming pool fence since 1990. Pool Barrier™ is one of America’s largest swimming pool safety fence manufacturers. Just about anywhere there’s a home pool, you’ll find a Pool Barrier™ child safety fence. For more information, check-out or call up 405-348-4114 right now.

About Marty Holland

Holland, a former Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor (WSI) has knowledge of the devastation a child drowning can cause a family and a community. Her up close and personalized experience has resulted in a confidence in swimming pool safety for adults as well as girls and boys, not just around the pool but in the pool. She knows Pool BarrierTM to be the most experienced and educated firm regarding the manufacturing of their products and their objectives toward child and adult safety around pools.


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