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Premier Corporate Housing Reaches Out To Locum Tenens Physicians

Premier Corporate Housing, headquartered in Houston, Texas, initiates temporary housing program for Locum Tenens physicians.  The program ensures that Locum Tenens physicians seeking temporary accommodations, anywhere in the U.S., receive the same program rates as given to those seeking treatment at any healthcare facility.

Locum Tenens physicians, by definition, are physicians who work in the place of another physician when that physician is absent.  Matt Reynolds, Director of Business Development for Premier Corporate Housing, explained that Locum Tenens physicians can often provide an immediate surge of expertise in a niche of medicine or medical care or technique to an area in which that need is required.  Locum Tenens physicians travel to the U.S. from all over the globe, and Premier Corporate Housing wishes to encourage travel by offering the same discounted rates on temporary housing as given to the patients who utilize Premier Corporate Housing's services while they seek treatment. 

Houston is home of the world's largest medical center, and is comprised of such renowned entities as MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas Children's Hospital, Methodist Hospital, and the University of Texas Medical Branch. 

Premier Corporate Housing, a division of AK Corp., has been in business for 35 years, and specializes in providing fully-furnished, temporary accommodations to those who require housing from 30 days to two years.  Premier Corporate Housing has been a trusted resource for many of the major hospitals and healthcare facilities across the United States, and is currently working with several large firms who assist Locum Tenens physicians in securing temporary positions. To take advantage of the Locum Tenens program through Premier Corporate Housing, please contact Matt Reynolds, Director of Business Development at (281) 441-7700, or


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