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Pens, Personalized Pens- How to Add a Personal Touch to Most Any Gift

Ever get stuck trying to find the perfect gift for someone?  Almost everyone does at one time or another.  Most do not consider pens to be a gift option, but pens and personalized pens can make for an excellent gift.  This is especially true when paired with something else. With some thought and creativity, personalized pens and even regular pens can be a part of some awesome gifts.  Whether looking for a gift for a spouse, parent, grandparent, friend, or co-worker, pens can be the catalyst for some very creative gift giving.   This does not just work for birthdays either.  It can work for holiday gifts as well.

The first thing to do is to consider what the person who is receiving the gift enjoys.  Most any hobby or profession can benefit from good pens.   Personalized pens add a thoughtful touch, but even non personalized nice pens are typically appreciated.  If your co-worker likes to cook, buy a nice pen and a set of recipe cards for a low key birthday gift.  If you want to bless a friend on Easter, consider a nice journal or notebook and a set of pens with Bible verses on them.  Personalized pens work exceptionally well for professionals, as they often walk off and leave pens somewhere.  They look professional and have the practical purpose of finding their way back to where they belong. 

For someone who is in the hospital, a set of pens and a few crossword or word search books can work wonders for boredom.  If you know someone who is graduating, personalized pens are a very practical and thoughtful gift.  Going the extra mile and having personalized pens engraved with the date of the occasional makes for an especially cherished gift.  Pens can be casual or elegant, depending on the situation in which they are given.

Regardless of how you give them, pens should meet with the preferences of the receiver if at all possible.  This is especially when it comes to personalized pens, as they will likely not be used by persons whose name they do not bear.  Pens that are ball point and blue ink are not going to get used by someone who prefers felt tip, black ink pens.  Personalized pens given to a picky person may never get used if they do not meet all of their requirements for pens.

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