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Treasure Hunters Roadshow coming to a city near you

Portland, OR (May, 2011) – Treasure Hunters Roadshow is one of the top most reality T.V shows for buying antiques and collectibles. This show has been started by THR and Associates, buyer of precious metals, coins and other items. Since the show’s commencement in the year 1996, the show has conducted numerous episodes in different cities of U.S, Canada and Europe.

The entire concepts and process of the show is such that it has made special place in every one’s heart. On this road show in just single week the team of Treasure Hunters Roadshow has spend over $100,000 for people’s unnecessary and old items. The team of Treasure Hunters Roadshow helps people to connect with collectors all over the world without spending any money. Moreover, the show comes to your city and buys items ranging form gold to old watches. The team pays people for the items they buy right away.

The SEO Consultant of this amazing road show’s website is Shane Hunter. The services offered by Shane Hunter include SEO consultation and training, to social media marketing, brand or reputation management, and marketing consultation, customer service. By availing these services THR and Associates were able to increase the traffic to the show, and then convert that traffic into paying customers. As an SEO Consultant, Shane Hunter promises to delivery high rates of return on investment.

Those interested in Treasure Hunters Roadshow can log on their website to get more information pertaining to the show such the schedule of the road show, items, and articles about antiques and so on.

You can easily connect with Treasure Hunters Roadshow through networking sites like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and many more. Treasure Hunters Roadshow has over one thousand followers on such social networking site. This clearly shows the popularity of this reality show.


This website is owned by the well-known show Treasure Hunters Roadshow. The show is created with the aim of buying collectible items from people thereby helping them to make easy money. You can even check out the website and participate in their show. You can even get in touch with their team by contacting on the information given below.

352 NE Cadet Avenue
Portland, OR 97220

Zip Code: 97220

Phone: 513-246-8372



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