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Roofing Company Website Unveils Ahead of Stormy Weather

Each spring time, destructive thunderstorms wreak damage to homes all through North America. Thousands of homeowners will no question confront substantial destruction to their homes from these strong storms.

The rooftop is a section of the home that's regularly disturbed by these kinds of thunder storms. Often times serious weather will totally total a roof to the point it must be completely swapped out.

Having to replace a roof is incredibly pricey therefore it is important for people to find a reliable company to complete the job. The Roofing Contractors Review Center was recently launched to give consumers a one-stop place on the Internet to search for and read reviews of local roofing companies in their area.

J.W. Keith, managing editor of the website, said the goal of the website is to give consumers a valuable resource to use to research and compare local roofers.

"It is very unfortunate, but each year thousands of home owners become victims of fraud as fly-by-night companies hit their towns after severe storms and dupe them out of their money," said Keith. "It is vital that consumers do their homework by thoroughly researching a company before hiring them."

Keith said a few things consumers should do when searching for a company to handle their roofing job include asking friends and family members for referrals to good companies, checking with the Better Business Bureau for a company with good ratings and talking to their insurance agents to see if they can get a recommendation for a company that has completed satisfactory work for other clients.

"If I were a home owner with a damaged roof, the first thing I would personally do is call Angie's List at toll-free 1-877-275-9417 and ask for a list of the top-rated roofers in my area," said Keith. "The great thing about Angie's List is that the ratings are provided by other home owners in your community and the reviews are in-depth."

Keith said the Roofing Contractor Reviews Center currently offers profiles of roofers in roughly half the states, but plans to have profiles online nationwide by mid-summer.

"We are working very hard to build a huge database for consumers to use free of charge to search for and compare roofers," said Keith. "We are adding dozens of new profiles each day and will have thousands of profiles online within six weeks."

Interested home owners should visit the website at to learn more. Keith request consumers who want immediate roofing company reviews to contact Angie's List by phone at toll-free 1-877-275-9417.


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