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Various Rashes Create Concern During The Summer Months

Rashes during the summer months can often be difficult to diagnose. Dee Cohen, LCSW, a licensed social worker, announces her website that looks at a number of common rashes as well as the psychological reactions that often arise in trying to address these skin irritations.

The website discusses rash problems that increase during the summer which include poison ivy rash, prickly heat rash, hot tub rash, lymes disease and insect bite rashes. There are also articles on common rashes not specific to the summer months such as eczema, scabies rash, bites from chiggers, red ant rash clusters, chicken pox, hives and allergic skin responses.

Getting informed on the nature of one's rash and ways to alleviate the symptoms is very important," said licensed social worker Dee Cohen, "A number of my psychotherapy clients have described feelings of panic when they get a rash due to fears of being contagious or seriously ill."

At the website, bacterial, fungal, viral and other types of rashes are written about and both medications that are prescribed by dermatologists are discussed as well as natural and home remedies. Speaking with one’s physician is important since some rashes can be life-threatening such as Steven Johnson Syndrome rash and allergic skin reactions that may lead to a dangerous anaphylactic reaction. Drug rashes can occur and one’s physician can help find an alternative medication in a different family.

Cohen notes, “The uncertainty of the underlying reason for a rash can result in intense anxiety and depression for people. I have seen clients that were afraid to get medical attention for weeks and isolated themselves. It is important to see a dermatologist or one’s family physician in order to get a proper diagnosis and the necessary treatment.”

Steven Johnson Syndrome (SJS) is not well known but was the cause of death of popular basketball star Manute Bol in 2010. He was 7 foot 6 inches and a favorite NBA player. The website discusses this syndrome as well as other less known rashes such as Purpura rash.

Knowing what skin irritations are out there is crucial for preventing them and damaging one’s skin. Before leaving the home, it is best to be prepared during the summer months with supplies such as insect repellants, sun block and beverages to stay hydrated. Cohen also advises that parents check with counselors at their child’s day or sleepaway summer camp to see if there are any contagious rashes circulating such as impetigo or scabies.

Scratching a rash is tempting for kids and teens and suggestions are made at the website for methods that parents can use to help young children prevent from further damaging the skin plus avoid getting a bacterial infection. Knowing common eczema causes can also help to reduce rash symptoms.

To learn more about various types of rashes, including those common during the summer months as well as ways to cope psychologically with one’s reactions, visit



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During the summer months rashes appear due to allergic responses, heat, plants such as poison ivy and insect bites. Each requires a different treatment.