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Danielle Assante of The Sweat Zone discusses plateauing in fitness

"Plateauing means that despite dragging your body to the gym every day, it's gone into slacker mode. Your weight won't budge, your muscles go on hiatus. Bikini season is only three months away. This is no time for your workout to conk out," said Danielle Assante, Founder of The Sweat Zone.

Here are six techniques to do that:

1. Combine upper and lower body: Instead of standing there doing biceps curls with dumbbells, add simultaneous stationary lunges.

2. Shuffle with walking: During a 30-minute power walk, include 5 intervals of side shuffles lasting 60 seconds to 2 minutes each.

3. Insert cardio blasts: Instead of resting or texting between sets on the weight machines, do 25 to 30 jumping jacks, alternating knee lifts, or front kicks.   

4. Wear a weighted vest: This will double the burn while walking, hiking, running, or taking a cardio class.  

5. Do drop sets: For weight training, start off each set with the heaviest amount that can be lifted for 10 to 15 reps; then drop the weight 50 percent and continue to 25 reps.

6. Bump up the weights. While taking a sculpting class, push to use 2 to 3 pounds more than  normal.

"It will make an incredible difference," says Assante.


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