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Joseph Arsenault of Absolo lends tips for fitness over 40

15 to 20 minutes of exercise will increase the heart rate and elevate endorphins. Exercise may greatly reduce blood pressure and will provide many more benefits to health and well-being.

• Take Vitamin D every day. Research is finding how important it is for bone health and the immune system. Every cell in the body needs it to function. Get magnesium by eating bananas, spinach and sunflower seeds, to name just a few sources. Deficiency of this mineral accelerates the aging process.

• Get Omega-3's. A handful of walnuts, a serving of salmon or some flaxseed oil will provide it. Recharge the body with 15 minutes of sunlight each day.

• Take probiotics. They are great for digestion and help maintain the good bacteria in the digestive tract. Eat plenty of garlic and onions to help lower cholesterol and improve circulation.

• Drink plenty of purified water daily. This cleanses organs and rids the body of excess sodium. It's great for the skin as well. Drink ginger tea. It absorbs and neutralizes toxins in the stomach. It decreases irritation to intestinal walls. Vitamins interact better with food, so take them with a  meal.

"Positive thoughts expand the body and negative thoughts constrict it. Be good to yourself. Realize that we all do the best we can with the information we have. Be forgiving, kind, and loving to everyone, including you," said Joe Arsenault, CEO of AbSolo.


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Joseph Arsenault
Joe Arsenault brings an extensive career in new product development to his position as Absolo president. His background includes heading the financing for Summit Technology, the company that developed the groundbreaking Excimer Laser used in LASIK laser vision correction. Joe also spent five years spearheading the financing for LIDAK Pharmaceuticals (now called Avanir PharmaceuticalsHe has partnered with his brother Chris in bringing the Absolo exercise system to the commercial fitness market while developing an Absolo consumer product line for the home. You can find out more at: