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Joseph Arsenault of Absolo says burning calories to lose weight is essential

People should talk to a doctor before starting an exercise plan.  Both cardiovascular exercise and strength training are essential to getting that tight beach body, so don’t neglect either one.

Water is essential to many functions in the body, especially the metabolism of fat.  People should drink at least eight 8 oz. glasses of water every day, and preferably more.  Water will help people feel fuller so they will probably snack a lot less. Everyone should take a water bottle with them and add a no-calorie drink mix or lemon juice to make it taste better.

To lose weight, people need to burn more calories than they consume. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and lots of lean protein like chicken and fish.  Some fats are good-avocados and olive oil-so don’t cut out fat entirely.

"To lose a pound of fat, you need to burn exactly 3,500 more calories than you ingest. To create a calorie deficit, you could tinker with your diet. Try cutting out refined carbs-white bread, pasta, potatoes and rice- and limiting your intake of alcohol and sweets," said Joe Arsenaut, President of AbSolo."It won’t happen overnight, but if you stay focused and don’t let temptation trip you up, you will see the results you worked hard for soon," added Arsenault.


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Joseph Arsenault
Joe Arsenault brings an extensive career in new product development to his position as Absolo president. His background includes heading the financing for Summit Technology, the company that developed the groundbreaking Excimer Laser used in LASIK laser vision correction. Joe also spent five years spearheading the financing for LIDAK Pharmaceuticals (now called Avanir PharmaceuticalsHe has partnered with his brother Chris in bringing the Absolo exercise system to the commercial fitness market while developing an Absolo consumer product line for the home. You can find out more at: