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Joseph Arsenault of Absolo suggests home fitness equipment for better health

Many people have switched to the convenience of a home gym. This allows for them to exercise in the convenience and privacy of their own home. For many people this is the only way in which they will work out on a regular basis.

The American Heart Association reports that 104 million Americans are overweight and 42.5 million Americans are obese. And it's getting worse. The World Health Organization and the International Obesity Task Force have declared obesity a global epidemic.

Turning to a home gym is smart because they give the benefits of exercise, including reduced stress and overall better health, without the complications that go along with a health club membership. A home gym enables everyone to make and keep a plan for getting more exercise.

"So, the next time you're running from place to place in a dizzy blur, and you look down at a growing belly, flabby arms, or legs that don't pack the same oomph they used to, think of getting a home gym. It could be the solution to your time versus exercise dilemma," said Joseph Arsenaul, CEO of AbSolo.


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Joseph Arsenault
Joe Arsenault brings an extensive career in new product development to his position as Absolo president. His background includes heading the financing for Summit Technology, the company that developed the groundbreaking Excimer Laser used in LASIK laser vision correction. Joe also spent five years spearheading the financing for LIDAK Pharmaceuticals (now called Avanir PharmaceuticalsHe has partnered with his brother Chris in bringing the Absolo exercise system to the commercial fitness market while developing an Absolo consumer product line for the home. You can find out more at: