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Joseph Arsenault of Absolo supports stretching before a workout

As people age, the muscles tighten and range of motion in the joints can be minimized.Everyone can learn to stretch, regardless of age or flexibility. Stretching should be a part of a daily routine, whether people exercise or not.

One of the greatest benefits of stretching is that people are able to increase range of motion, which means the limbs and joints can move further before an injury occurs. Post-exercise stretching can also aid in workout recovery, decrease muscle soreness, and ensure that the muscles and tendons are in good working order. The more conditioned the muscles and tendons are, the better they can handle the rigors of sport and exercise, and the less likely that they'll become injured.

"Most aerobic and strength training programs inherently cause your muscles to contract and flex. That's why regular stretching is a powerful part of any exercise program."said Joe Arsenault, CEO of AbSolo.

When stretching, focus on calves, thighs, hips, lower back, neck and shoulders. Also stretch muscles and joints that are routinely used at work or play.


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Joseph Arsenault
Joe Arsenault brings an extensive career in new product development to his position as Absolo president. His background includes heading the financing for Summit Technology, the company that developed the groundbreaking Excimer Laser used in LASIK laser vision correction. Joe also spent five years spearheading the financing for LIDAK Pharmaceuticals (now called Avanir PharmaceuticalsHe has partnered with his brother Chris in bringing the Absolo exercise system to the commercial fitness market while developing an Absolo consumer product line for the home. You can find out more at: