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Maricopa Cop Martice Berry discusses the ever changing risks for executives

Some of these Protection measures include but do not limit the use of strategy development and advance work, research on the client and the specific threats, both known and perceived, as well as providing security, close protection, surveillance, counter surveillance, mail screening, background checks on employees and persons coming into contact with the VIP.

The threats facing an executive vary widely depending on the size of the company, the industry it belongs to and the individual executive's profile. CSOs in oft-targeted sectors such as the financial services, pharmaceutical and energy industries, and those with executives based overseas, worry about kidnapping, carjacking, mail-borne explosives, biological agents and ecoterrorism. Threatening letters and e-mails and workplace violence fill out the list.

It's important to realize that risks are ever-changing. CSOs need to establish a baseline level of security for their executives that can be increased when warranted. "Good executive protection professionals understand the threat level and analyze it constantly,"said Martice Berry, President of EEP.


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About EEP
Elite Executive Protection & Ground Transportation LLC (EEP), founded in 2002 by a team of police officers with over 27 combined years of law enforcement experience, is a multifaceted executive protection and ground transportation company. EEP offers comprehensive protection services, executive protection and threat management for VIP, corporate, commercial, industrial, entertainment, residential and retail clients.