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Maricopa Cop Martice Berry of EEP gives effective executive protection

Effective personal protection programs are based on research and preparation rather than sheer muscle; Personal protection is a cerebral function, not a physical function.  They identify and eliminate threats before they materialize, preventing dangerous encounters rather than simply responding to them.

Even simple commonly overlooked steps can make a big difference to an executive´s security. "Many companies provide excellent facility security but don´t take the basic precaution of performing background checks on employees that work in close proximity to top executives," said Martice Berry , President of EEP.

Now more than ever corporate executives, celebrities and other prominent people are more concerned they may be prime targets for kidnapping, assault and other kinds of attacks. Successful people are usually under a lot of stress, with outrageous schedules, enormous amounts of responsibility and little understanding of how to be safe.


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About EEP
Elite Executive Protection & Ground Transportation LLC (EEP), founded in 2002 by a team of police officers with over 27 combined years of law enforcement experience, is a multifaceted executive protection and ground transportation company. EEP offers comprehensive protection services, executive protection and threat management for VIP, corporate, commercial, industrial, entertainment, residential and retail clients.