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Martice Berry of Elite Executive Protection discusses being prepared during travel

Robust training programs that enable an executive to protect himself and his family by raising awareness of dangers and how to deal with them should be the first approach executive protection consultants take when retained by a client for this specific purpose.

Traveling overseas is another area where we often find executives on their own, daily making routine decisions that affect their security in a foreign country. Threat assessments should be conducted on the executive, the family, the staff as well as the company, and should be followed by vulnerability assessments of lifestyle, residence and office environments, travel routines and habits.

Most executives travel often and fail to consider that they could get seriously injured or become ill at a moment’s notice while traveling in the US or abroad. Life-saving medical decisions are often made in moments by referring to a patient’s medical history. Without the ability to reference such information, valuable time can be lost or the wrong treatment prescribed.

Executives should have an appropriate travel itinerary advance conducted by executive protection professionals to guard against specific dangers facing them in countries they are visiting. Even executives with close protection agents assigned to them will find themselves in situations where they do not have bodyguards close by and must decide for themselves what to do next.

"Every step of an executive’s trip should be examined and addressed by an executive protection professional, and travel arrangements should be made only after consultation between this professional and the executive assistant making those arrangements," said Martice Berry, CEO of EEP.


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