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Vonja Gentle of Karat Gold Jewelers announces stock of bulk chain for jewelry making

Now craft jewelry makers can provide popular chain styles using reliable-quality, quantity-priced components.

From plated 'white' and 'yellow' metal to gunmetal to precious sterling and gold filled, this line of craft chain runs a spectrum of colors and tones. Its variety is multiplied across the large range of chain types on offer. Fine and large diameters and cable, curb, and rollo styles are offered as chain by the spool, as is the old standby 'disk-and-loop'.

"The sturdiness of many styles in this line of jewelry chain makes them attractive for displaying unique glass centerpieces as pendants," said Vonja GEntle, President of Karat Gold Jewelers.

Karat Gold Jewelers backs up its line of wholesale chain with scores of findings, including pendant plates, necklace bails and tube-top bails for gluing.


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About Karat Gold
Established in 1980, Karat Gold is a family-owned jeweler that offers high quality, hand-crafted jewelry in sterling silver, gold and gemstones. Based in Rio De Janeiro, Karat Gold maintains over 800 designs in the active product line. Each design is originated by skilled men and women in the Karat Gold design studio and then finely crafted and produced by skilled artisans predominantly.