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Vonja Gentle of Karat Gold Jewelers carries Tungsten carbide rings for men and women

The Generation X'ers are gravitating in large numbers to tungsten carbide, titanium, carbon fiber, stainless steel and other unique alternative metals.

For rings, including wedding bands, the most popular trend right now is to purchase tungsten carbide. This composite metal is new to the jewelry industry, but has been used for decades in machine shops around the world. There are many benefits to choosing a tungsten carbide men’s wedding ring. The biggest advantage is that tungsten carbide is rock hard. Tungsten carbide is between 8.5 and 9 on the Moh’s hardness scale, so it is virtually unscratchable.

Karat Gold has tungsten carbide rings available for less than $200. Karat Gold offers a superb line of tungsten bands for both men and women. All rings are hand-made and finished to perfection. Many of Karat Gold tungsten carbide rings are inlaid with white gold, platinum, and diamonds. They are modern looking, bold, masculine and attention grabbing.


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About Karat Gold
Established in 1980, Karat Gold is a family-owned jeweler that offers high quality, hand-crafted jewelry in sterling silver, gold and gemstones. Based in Rio De Janeiro, Karat Gold maintains over 800 designs in the active product line. Each design is originated by skilled men and women in the Karat Gold design studio and then finely crafted and produced by skilled artisans predominantly.