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Vonja Gentle of Karat Gold Jewelers discusses fashion trends for spring

Fringed necklaces in chains, beads, and mixed media are red hot now and will continue to be hot for Fall / Winter 2010.The must-have colors for the season are deep greens and rich purples. Accent these colors with teal and fuchsia.Set these colors in antique worn gold or gunmetal gray platings.This is a winning palette because it is on trend, and has had positive selling in past seasons.

Colorful bracelets whether thick or thin are all the rage for spring. Cuff bracelets have been über popular over the past two seasons. In spring consumers will shake things up by selecting versions in bright colors. The fine jewelry versions of this trend will feature colorful enamel, black paired with white gemstones as well shiny or matte metal versions. The most modern way to wear these colorful bracelets is to rock styles that don’t necessarily match. Color, style and size, it’s a bracelet bonanza season.

Chandelier earrings are back in the spotlight this year. They bring with them an instantly feminine and glamorous look to any outfit that you add them to. Typically, chandelier earrings have some sort of sparkle to them, and this makes them the perfect addition to any going out look.

"It’s important to style these confident looks in a restrained way. When wearing a big or chunky piece, limit yourself to one piece of jewelry at a time and use it to complement a more basic outfit," said Vonja Gentle, Presdient of Karat Gold Jewelers.


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