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Vonja Gentle of Karat Gold Jewelers says body peircing is a unique fashion trend

Fashion accessories are supposed to compliment the looks and add style to the personality. With the need to look trendy, most of the people have switched over to body piercing. They are available in countless forms such as eyebrow rings, nose rings, tongue rings, circular barbells and many more. As well this, they are also found in different designs, shapes and sizes.   

"If you have never tried body piercing before you should make yourself familiar with the best belly button jewelry for you, and the necessary health and safety precautions which need to be adhered to. Find a good piercer who you feel you can trust, usually by recommendation, and be confident that the piercing is carried out in appropriate working conditions so as to avoid infection. Listen to the instructions of how to care for the freshly pierced naval and you are less likely to encounter any after-piercing problems," said Vonja Gentle, President of Karat Gold Jewelers.


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About Karat Gold
Established in 1980, Karat Gold is a family-owned jeweler that offers high quality, hand-crafted jewelry in sterling silver, gold and gemstones. Based in Rio De Janeiro, Karat Gold maintains over 800 designs in the active product line. Each design is originated by skilled men and women in the Karat Gold design studio and then finely crafted and produced by skilled artisans predominantly.