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SenseAir AB on Alternativa Stock Market

SenseAir has been traded before on Alternativa Listan and during 2012 on Alternativas Mäklarlista. Alternativa and SenseAir have now agreed to restart trading in the stock from the 16th January 2013 on Alternativa Listan.

“We have worked with SenseAir since 2006 and are pleased to see that such a successful company has again chosen to be traded on Alternativa Listan. This decision will give SenseAir’s shareholders increased liquidity and exposure. We also congratulate our almost 6000 other investors on the improved opportunity to trade an interesting stock,” says Carl Johan Högbom, MD Alternativa stock market.

SenseAir fulfills Alternativa’s requirements and the financial information on the company website has been judged VG (Very Good) according to Alternativa’s criteria.

Alternativa stock market is a market for unlisted stock and since 2003 has been regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Alternativa organizes trading in around 30 small and medium-sized companies. Trading takes place regularly once a month in order to create and concentrate liquidity in the stock. Each trading period is four days. For more information contact Alternativa or go to :



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SenseAir AB is an expanding, innovation-based gas sensor company with an environment-friendly profile, situated in Dellenbygden in Hälsingland, an area of outstanding natural beauty. The company develops and produces infrared gas sensors and has a world-wide market. With 20 years of experience and through cooperation with various high-tech consortiums SenseAir has acquired a large and broad technology base and unique know-how in production methods for gas meters. The company is a world leader in its field. Our sensors can be used for: demand-controlled ventilation, personnel safety, growth maximisation, future health care, indoor and outdoor climate monitoring, energy optimisation etc.


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