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​Craven Chiropractic In Land O Lakes FL, Provides Sciatica Relief Solutions

Land O'Lakes FL, 13-JUNE-2016 - Craven Chiropractic Clinic and Dr. Michael Craven DC, are pleased to announce that relief from sciatica is offered by chiropractic methods. The patient who suffers from sciatica can be limited in their ability to stand, sit or sleep comfortably. Finding relief using natural methods is offered by an experienced Land O Lakes FL chiropractor. No drugs or surgery is involved when chiropractic methods are employed.

Sciatica is the name given to pain in the sciatic nerve, the major nerve which runs from the base of the spine down both legs. It is the longest and thickest nerve in the body. When there is compression of the nerve, it is interpreted as pain by the brain. In addition to pain, sciatica can affect the strength of the leg. Weakness in one leg or the other, in addition to the debilitating pain, is the symptom which affects sufferers.

In cases of sciatica, the chiropractor will identify the area of the spinal column where a subluxation is located. A spinal adjustment helps to relieve pressure on the nerve. Several sessions may be required to restore correct alignment to the spine and allow the nerve to recover. Once the pressure is relieved, the pain is alleviated. Pain relief solutions can be backed up by additional techniques to restore health.

Patients are encouraged to take additional measures to avoid recurrence of sciatic nerve pain. These measures include improved posture and using correct methods for lifting. Exercise designed to strengthen weakened muscles and connective tissue is beneficial to the entire body.

Learn more about relief from sciatic pain by paying a visit to the web pages online at today. Members of the press and others who have more questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Dr. Michael Craven at the location provided below.

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