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Swedish Innovation Of the Week: SOLVATTEN® Solar Safe Water System

SOLVATTEN, a Swedish innovation, is a combined solar water purifier, water container and water heater. It uses heat and ultra violet energy from the sun, and a built-in filter, to purify contaminated water. The innovation makes microbiologically contaminated water drinkable in 2-6 hours. Users in developing countries have experienced health improvements, less fatigue, savings on fuel wood, and improved status in their community.

One unit will provide a family with safe and hot water at 2,9 gallon at the time (1-3 times/day in good conditions) for 5-10 years. It uses no batteries, consumables or chemicals and works where large infrastructure investments are difficult. Providing SOLVATTEN to households, in developing countries, will help contribute towards sustainable development, through improved living standards, improved health, protection of the environment, and by making income-generating activities possible.


You will be able to experience the innovation SOLVATTEN and 19 other innovations from Swedish startup companies at an exhibition presenting innovative solutions to old and new problems during INNOVATIVE SWEDEN at Stanford University November 2-9. The companies taking part operate in the fields of Information and Communication Technology, Life Science, Gaming and Clean Technology.

Pressrelease from Swedish Institute:

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Press contact at SOLVATTEN

David Wadström, +46 (0) 73-253 39 09


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SOLVATTEN is produced and sold by Solvatten AB in Sweden. The technology is being used in 16 countries: Nepal, East Timor, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mali, Senegal, Haiti and Mexico and have a distribution network set up in South Sudan, Nigeria, Mexico and Haiti.  A subsidiary, Solvatten Africa Ltd, is based in Nairobi Kenya.

Press contacts

David Wadström

Press contact Communication Manager PR, News and Media +4687772905