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Sona Diamond Jewelry

Sona Diamond Jewelry

The undisputed champion of the diamond industry goes to the De Beers family. They have been mining diamonds in South Africa for one hundred and thirteen years [113]. De Beers produced eighty percent [80%] of the world’s rough diamond supply. He had a legal monopoly in the unregulated diamond industry. It took the United States over one century to finally file charges against the De Beers empire and succeeded in breaking up his diamond monopoly in federal court.

Diamond Jewelers can create diamonds of comparable hardness and brilliance to natural occurring gems with all the same dazzling results.

The Sona Diamond’s gems are created with a natural diamond layer where the core is infused with real diamond. This diamond is also referred to as a simulated diamond. Even our licensed professional jewelers cannot physically tell the difference between the natural diamond and this stunning hybrid gem without weighing them.

Sona Diamond Contact :8. both give you solid, scientific facts about the quality and value of Sona Diamond man made simulants to help you make an informed and intelligent decision to buy Sona Diamond Jewelry.

9. See our SonaMediaRoom, filled with published, scientific articles about Sona Diamonds’ breakthrough technology and informative articles about the diamond simulant industry and the natural diamond simulant industry, written by Dr. Phillips from the Israel Sona Research Department.

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Diamonds will speak the language of royalty

The emerald cut isn’t a brilliant cut, it’s called a step cut. Step cuts are comprised of larger facets, which act like mirrors. The emerald cut has 58 facets (25 crown, 8 girdle & 25 pavilion). Because of the angle, size & shape of the facets, this cut shows less brilliance & fire (dispersion) than other brilliant cut diamonds

Sona Diamond :The site consists of FAQ sections from where visitors will be able to gather information on the website and the jewelries that are sold in through this website. Visitors, can easily navigate through the website, by using links listed on the homepage. Each link will provide the answers to the majority of the most important consumer questions, and be able to have a clear picture about the products and services offered by the website. As a bonus, one will discover on each page, a Certificate of Analysis, certifying the authenticity of the hybrid simulated diamonds. This ensures that you will not be cheated and would surely get the right value of your money.

Sona Diamond Jewelry When De Beers controlled eighty percent of the world’s diamonds, he would manipulate market supply resulting in a predictable diamond appreciation annually. This micro-managed style gave stability to the diamond industry with continuous diamond appreciation over the decades. But after De Beers went private and his control of diamonds dwindled to less than forty percent [40%] of the world supply, shortages of rough diamonds to meet demand started driving up prices. Before the diamond shortage, De Beers was able to effect an average annual diamond appreciation of fifteen percent [15%] for decades.

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Diamonds will speak the language of royalty

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