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Get the Job Done Fast & Easy with  STANLEY® Screwdrivers

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Get the Job Done Fast & Easy with STANLEY® Screwdrivers

New Britain, CT. (November 2015) — For more than 110 years STANLEY® has maintained brand name recognition for manufacturing products with good value and even better quality. With every product, STANLEY® continues to design tools that last a lifetime and help get the job done right- STANLEY® screwdrivers are no different. STANLEY® offers ratcheting, multi-bit, and standard screwdrivers that make completing the task at hand fast and easy.

If you’re looking to save time STANLEY®’s ratcheting screwdrivers are just what you need. STANLEY®’s ratcheting screwdrivers are designed with a 4:1 gear ratio for driving up to four times faster than traditional screwdrivers. These screwdrivers are also easy to use with their bi-material grips for great torque and anti- slipping. In addition, the ratcheting mechanism makes forward and reverse driving a breeze.

Rely on STANLEY® multi-bit screwdrivers to make life simple and to get the job done with a little speed. STANLEY® multi-bit screwdrivers provide convenience and accessibility- everything you need can be stored in the internal bit storage handle. Multi-bit screwdrivers offer easy access to bits as well as fast changeover which make these screwdrivers indispensable to your toolbox, workbench, or tool belt.

STANLEY® standard screwdrivers have plenty to appreciate as well. DIYers benefit from the value and quality in each standard screwdriver. For example, the quad or four sided handles are great for better tip torque. In addition, quad handles are anti-roll so users don’t have to worry about these screwdrivers rolling away or rolling off the ladder when working. The cushion grip style offers a great feel and tip identification provides users with fast and easy selection with each color type. Another plus, some standard screwdrivers are designed with vinyl grip for users in the automotive and/or chemical industry. These screwdrivers are great when working with corrosive materials.

For users who love a bit of innovation, try STANLEY® FatMax® Simulated Diamond Tip Screwdrivers. Many screwdrivers take a beating over time and become less effective at staying seated in screws. STANLEY® FatMax® Simulated Diamond Tip Screwdrivers offer longer tip life than standard screwdrivers and are encrusted with simulated diamond sand composite to help bite into screws for easy driving and screw removal. Color coded handles also make it quick and easy to choose the right screwdriver size for the project at hand. 


STANLEY®, a brand of Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. is a diversified manufacturer of innovative tools and engineered solutions for professional, industrial, woodworking, construction, automotive repair, organizational, and do-it-yourself- use. Since 1843 Stanley has consistently provided solutions that make life easier with reliable hand tools. Headquartered in New Britain, CT, STANLEY® is committed to manufacturing tools in the USA with global materials. Annually, Stanley® produces a large variety of hand tools including tape rules, knives, blades, hand saws, screwdrivers, plastic storage, and accessories in multiple manufacturing locations in North America. STANLEY® can be found internationally wherever tools are sold and has helped build America with a breadth of quality hand tools people can trust for over 170 years. For more information visit or follow STANLEY® on Facebook and Twitter.

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