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Published International Fitness Expert, Darla Benfield, states that EXERCISE IS JUST NOT ENOUGH

Darla Benfield, published fitness expert, international competitor, fitness model, and mother of 2 has much to say when it comes to her passion of fitness and nutrition.  Darla, now 46 years old, continues to walk the talk of fitness sharing her passion of the importance of living a healthy life through her Stay Healthy Fitness Practice in Roseville.  Getting healthy and Staying Healthy is a lifestyle, a choice that we all make. What we put in our face on a daily basis to take care of the only body we will have in this lifetime is also a choice.  Please do not fool yourself by thinking that you can hit the gym on occasion or weekend boot camp while feasting on fried, saturated fat laden foods.  Exercise is simply not enough to live a Stay Healthy Lifestyle.  What we consume on a daily basis is just as important, if not more, than the physical activity.  Have you been in the workout scenario of working hard and not getting the results?  Have you looked at your nutrition? I am such a "say it like it is" trainer and nutrition expert that I will not let you get away with not taking the hard look at your overall picture.  I will tell you that you will spin your wheels, get frustrated, depressed, and all the emotions that not reaching your goals will provide if you do not take a look at what you are consuming. I have dedicated a large part of my practice to consulting on just this topic...eating healthy to Stay Healthy.  In fact, I now give workshops where I demonstrate one of my Stay Healthy recipes that are featured monthly in Natural Muscle Magazine.  I make the time fun, educational, and hands on for the attendees.  I do not believe in diets, eat several small meals a day, do not count calories, and just eat healthy.  This is the very philosophy that I teach to my clients and it is truly that simple.  I have designed a Stay Healthy Nutrition plan that keeps eating healthy simple, fun, stress- free, and guaranteed to give the results that living a healthy life provides.  What is also important to understand is that the body needs proteins, carbohydrates, and fats but NOT ALL proteins, carbohydrates and fats are created equal.  Think of your body as needing premium fuel and determining what proteins, carbohydrates and fats fall into that premium category is the key to eating healthy for life.  Helping people understand why all nutrients are not created equal, selecting those foods that are the right choices, and creating daily menus with those choices has become a large part of the success of reaching the fitness goals desired.   If all of us would eat balanced healthy foods throughout the day and exercised at least 3-4 times per week, a healthy lifestyle would be your lifestyle.  Working out for hours on end in the gym to compensate for too much food consumed is just not healthy and really sets up the “exercise is a burden” mentality. To break it down further, think of the food consumed as energy in and the exercise performed as energy out.  If your energy in is more than your energy out, you will gain weight and be unable to reach your fitness goals.  Why not eat several small healthy meals a day, work out sensibly, and maintain a healthy body physically and mentally?  What a “win win” situation to eat wonderful food all day long and exercise because it is fun and what you want to do.  Now that sounds like a plan that will fit for life. I teach nutrition simply because that is how it should be. I believe that being healthy should not be a struggle or burden.  I throw out keeping track of the counting and percentages that I have seen overwhelm so many people to the point that they give up on even trying to get healthy.  I believe in teaching people what is good for them and what is not….that is it.  Life is too short not to care about yourself, and love yourself enough to be the best YOU every day.   I will continue to be an example to my clients, family, and friends and must confess that I am proud to be 46 as it truly speaks the truth of what a Stay Healthy Life can do. 

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