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Penny Auctions

New York, May 26, 2010 - Have you ever wondered where you can get great deals and pay pennies on the dollar for great products? SwipeBids is a fun and exciting way to buy cool products like laptops, video game systems, cameras, MP3 players, gift cards, and other cool products.

How does SwipeBids work? It’s easy and now you can have a lot of fun while bidding on some really great bargains. Players at SwipeBids participate in auctions for products and buy bids that can be used in any auction on the site. Players usually save about 65% off the retail price and sometimes as much as 90%. Players at SwipeBids play against the clock and when the clock stops the auction winner can go to the online checkout and purchase the product for the final price.

SwipeBids has become one of the most popular penny auctions online. The internet is full of buzz about how much fun auctions at SwipeBids are and about the great deals they offer. Since SwipeBids is one of the most popular auction sites it allows them to get great deals from wholesalers and pass the great savings along to auction winners. Bidders can win some great prizes too including a Honda Civic, a Mac Book Pro, a Canon camera, an iPhone and many other fantastic prizes. Why pay retail prices when you don’t have to and can actually have fun bidding on great name brand products.

To participate go to SwipeBids and register and establish an account. Next choose an item and bid and if you’re the final bidder when the clock stops you win! It’s really that simple. Registration is quick and easy and all transactions are safe and secure. SwipeBids provides 24/7 customer support. Penny auctions are hot now and SwipeBids provides the best online penny auctions available anywhere.

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Shoppers can find great deals on cool products at SwipeBids for pennies on the dollar.