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One Penny Auctions

New York, New York May 19, 2010 The entertainment shopping industry is rapidly growing and online one penny auctions have generated a lot of internet buzz. Participating in a one penny auction can seem like a combination of TV shopping networks, the excitement of slot machines combined with a beat the clock suspense. SwipeBids is swiftly becoming a leader in the entertainment shopping industry. SwipeBids offers players the opportunity to get fantastic deals on branded merchandise for pennies on the dollar. One lucky winner recently won a new Mac Book for about $148.00!

At SwipeBids players purchase packets of bids which can cost between $.37 cents to $.60 cents. Players can play at one of the many auctions taking place at SwipeBids and the last bidder when the clock stops wins the item and can then proceed to the checkout and purchase the item. SwipeBids offers really cool products such as $150 Wal Mart gift cards for as little as $40.00 and MP3 players for $1.98. SwipeBids states their goal is “to help people have fun while getting great values on popular consumer products. We are a dedicated, ethical company that thinks fun and profit should go together to create savings.”

Besides winning penny auctions there are several other ways to win at SwipeBids. Hourly bid pack contests allow players to win a wide variety of prizes and every evening the top 50 and 25 players can win some very exciting and valuable prizes. Every day there are over 1,000 winners at SwipeBids. SwipeBids typically ship all products within 72 hours and the site does not use bots of shills to drive up auction prices. SwipeBids accepts major credit cards and all transactions are private and safe and secure. Check out all the exciting action at SwipeBids and win great products for pennies on the dollar! Find out what one penny auctions are all about.


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