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Detroit Singer/Songwriter Carolyn Striho Launches New Website, Kicks Off Summer/Fall Tour

DETROIT, MI (July 12, 2011) -- Carolyn Striho, one of Detroit’s most popular performers, is pleased to announce the launch of her new website at, which kicks off a summer tour of the Midwest’s most prestigious festivals, including the Ann Arbor Summerfest/Top of the Park, Wyandotte Street Art Fair, Mackinac Island Music Festival, and as a returning member of renown producer Don Was’ “Detroit All-Star Revue” at 9th Annual Detroit Concert of Colors, to be held July 14-17 in downtown Detroit.

Was’ All-Star Revue, always a highlight of the Concert of Colors, features a wide array of culturally and musically diverse musicians, all being Detroit natives. Other acts in the revue include Martha Reeves, Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Cobras, and The Muggs. It will  be held Satuday, July 16, at Detroit’s Max M. Fisher Music Center, beginning at 2 p.m. More information on Concert of Colors can be found at

"It is a time of cool changes and surprises, with the new website and so many great summer and fall shows steam up the July energy we already have,” said Striho. “Writing and recording new and different songs behind the scenes adds to the mystery summer always brings.”

Along with a complete listing of tour dates, including her upcoming Italy tour, features a comprehensive discography of Striho’s musical career, downloadable press materials, a newly-written bio, extensive photo gallery, music player, and her most recent video, “Sing It To Me,” which was nominated for 2011 Detroit Music Award “Best Video - Independent Budget.”  More updates, including bios of band members, are forthcoming.

About Carolyn Striho:

While perhaps best known for fronting the Detroit Energy Asylum and for her work with punk priestess Patti Smith, Detroit musical icon Carolyn Striho continues to built momentum as a solo performer, gaining respect in the international music community as a songwriter, singer, poet, artist, and musician. She has toured the UK, Italy, Canada, and even Japan.

In the wake of performing at the 2005 London UK Meltdown Festival (curated by Smith), Striho has since accumulated over 30 nominations for Detroit Music Awards (winning several), and most notably received an honorable mention in Billboard Magazine’s “Songs of the Year” (2009) for the cabaret-style crowd favorite, “Enchante.” Carolyn Striho is a creative force whose deeply-felt lyrics, mesmerizing stage presence, and evocative style translate into unforgettable live sets. Fusing pop, rock, jazz, classical, folk, punk and even cabaret, and backed by a talented band, her music refuses to be categorized. Find out more at


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