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Jack Dayan of Tesdon Enterprises Announces New Line of “Green” Cleaning Supplies

Portland, OR –  Jack Dayan of Tesdon Enterprises, a developer and marketer of industrial strength cleaning supplies, has today announced the company’s latest Green initiative. Tesdon plans to launch a new product line with only environmentally friendly cleaning products. The cost of the new products will be comparable to Tesdon’s standard line, and will incorporate organic versions of all of Tesdon’s current products. “The implications of going green within the industrial cleaning market can have a positive affect on the nation’s environment”, says Jack Dayan.

The company’s new line of organic cleaning supplies are currently undergoing rigorous trial tests, and will be released at the company’s annual convention on August 28, 2010 at the Williams B. Croc Convention center in Calgary Canada.

About Tesdon Enterprises:

Tesdon Enterprises is a leading manufacturer and marketer of a complete line of cleaning supplies for Industrial and construction markets. The company boasts one of the widest product lines in the industry, and offers clean, safe, and reliable cleaning solutions. Founded in 1997, and headed up by president Jack Dayan, Tesdon Enterprises is based in Saskatchewan, Canada.


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