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Dan Frishberg Announces Featured Guest; Herb Greenberg On The MoneyMan Report

"The MoneyMan Report" with Dan Frishberg on Wednesday featured guest Herb Greenberg, noted financial columnist and senior Greenberg started his career writing for the San Fancisco Chronicle, became popular on The and is now senior stocks commentator for CNBC.

First a question for Dan. A listener explained that a broker posing as a friend guided him into investing in two IPOs Bond ETF, where he has so far lost money. The answer was simple. The guy isn’t your friend, he is not an advisor and he sold that IPO because it pays a commission. An IPO of a bond ETF has no meaning, and of course, it promptly lost money after issue.

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Greenberg is heralded for exposing questionable business ethics in the public sphere. He gave his take on the issue and proceeded to issue "Buyer Beware" warnings about several Chinese IPOs.

Greenberg spoke about Chinese reverse mergers, which go public by merging into the existing shells of penny stocks, bypassing SEC regulations. He emphasized the dangers of investing in reverse mergers, which have made headlines and come under intense scrutiny over the past few months.

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