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Great facts to know about coffee

Normally, how many of us are aware of the coffee plant and about the coffee beans that bristle off the branches when it gets transformed into the making of our most loved beverages. The Coffee has a cheap commodity, rather a luxury which are willing to indulge in the brisk sales and its popularity worldwide. Most of the people can’t imagine starting their day without the daily cup of java in spite of all the ignorance about the product. The journey of coffee beans, starting right from its origin to our daily cup with a delicious brew is absolutely fascinating.

Generally, the journey starts from the tropical forests of Africa where the coffee beans are originated. So, the first human to drink the coffee is believed to be a goat herder from Ethiopia and obtained some quality behaviors upon consuming the coffee berries. These qualities tempted him to try the same himself, which indeed created a history by doing the important conditions.

Naturally, there are 25 species of the genus Coffee which exists in the form of Arabica and Robust a coffee plants that are cultivated commercially and ends up in our coffee cups. Among the other species, there are many indoor plants and serves the purpose of being in a conversation piece rather than anything meaningful.

The Arabic a coffee plant grows like a tree, having a single trunk which grows in the other branches. The Arabic a is more smaller than the two plants which produce a superior bean that is richer in flavor and complexity of taste. In contrast, the Robust a coffee plant is more like shrub-like appearance having several minor trunks. However, the fine complex taste is more characteristic than the Arabic a which is lacking in the beans of the Robust a coffee plant. The Caffeine content is the Robust a rich coffee bean which is more higher and it consists of bitter flavor notes.

The Coffee plants can grow over 30 feet if it is left to themselves. However, the commercial growers will restrict the height of the coffee plants from eight to fifteen feet for the optimum harvesting. When grown in some ideal conditions, the coffee plants are the sport dark green leaves with a waxy surface. In general, the leaves are 4 to 6 inches long and with the white and fragrant flowers which grows in thick clusters along the branches.

The coffee cherry becomes ripe and it suits for harvesting more than eight months from flowering when it picks up a bright red hue. Each cherry generally consists of two beans with a problem in which most of the beans do not mature at the same time. So, the correct time harvest and a great deal of attention is required to pick up the beans from a single tree with the cost of the finished product.

The canned coffees made by most of the large companies always are a healthy mix of two types of beans, so as to strike the perfect balance between the lower production cost and satisfactory taste. However, if you wish to taste the best coffee, then you have go for the gourmet coffees with the label 100% Arabic a. But the coffee costs more, but the aroma and a sip of it will justify its high costs. One of the amusing fact is that a single coffee plant will produce only one pound of coffee in the entire year.


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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is the registered trade description for the coffee grown in the deep rural Blue Mountains of Jamaica. This coffee is noted all over the world for its distinctive aroma, mild flavor and lack of bitterness. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is widely revered as the world’s best coffee.