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Make a Perfect Cup of Espresso Coffee

The Espresso coffee is also becoming one of the most popular types of beverage around the world. Because it is a blend of  different types of coffee beans from different countries. Many people believe wonder about its peculiar fact, that these coffee’s are traditionally brewed and delivered straight to customer in the cafe immediately after an order. In general, the espresso coffee is synonymous with Italy. Because the best coffee mixture,  the true flavor of  coffee are found there.

The Espresso is apparently a simple drink with a complex product. Then the Espresso or cafe espresso are the concentrated coffee brewed by the forcing of very hot, but not boiling, water under high pressure through the coffee that has been ground to a consistency to an extremely fine powder.

Basic Ingredients of Espresso:
The first important ingredient of Espresso is the water. In an espresso, you can use  only the fresh hot water. The water should ideally be around 203F because  the Water often becomes stale due to the presence of mildew, pure cleaning methods and inadequate filtering. The next ingredient is coffee powder. The Arabic a quality coffee is used in the preparation of Espresso. The bean should be grown only above 915m and should be delivered through the fresh roasting.

Making Good Espresso:
There are many requirements in making a good mug of espresso coffee. At First, the espresso uses a greater dose of coffee per water and then the drip coffee. A metal filter-basket is filled with 7 to 10 grams of ground coffee for a single shot of an espresso or 12 to 18 grams for a double shot. The temperature and time of consumption are the two important variables to be observed in an ideal espresso, as it should be consumed within 2 minutes after the serve. The Freshly brewed coffee must be served or mixed into other coffee beverages immediately, because it will begin to degrade due to the environment cooling and oxidation.

The end result should be a cup filled with two 1-1 ounce shots of espresso, topped with the special cream. An espresso shot is brewed in less than 25-seconds and kept under extraction. It will appear watery, have little or no cream, and it will taste weak and bitter. But an espresso shot that is brewed  over 30 seconds is over-extracted.

Obviously, making the perfect cup of espresso coffee is a combination of both art and science. The  machines are used to make only the traditional coffee, but nowadays most of the modern espresso coffee machines can also be used to make the espresso and cappuccino. The important advantage  is that one can prepare the same coffee in the home and can enjoy the espresso coffee.

In the end, if you want a tasty cup of Espresso then you have to make the whole process simple and straight. You should always remember to keep your equipment clean and then prepare the coffee always with the good quality ingredients.


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