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Ways to recognize a good coffee

Two, or maximum three minutes are enough to drink an Coffee, but pay attention and don’t let it cool down, it could loose its taste and aroma, and you would cancel in a moment the long process starting with the crop, classification and product analysis that brings coffee to be a friend during the whole day. Everything starts with the crop, and that process will be carried out when the fruits of the coffee have achieved the correct maturation and have a red color. The fastest crop process is the “stripping”, but in this way all the fruits are cropped, included those who did not achieve the maturation and those who matured too much. The other system is called “picking” that assures a better quality. Picking means hand crop of the mature fruits only.

The first treatment starts, once the fruits are picked and it can be dry or wet. Today the wet treatment ensures a further selection of the fruits and a better homogeneity of the beans. After the wet treatment, coffee is ready to be roasted. The best aromatic quality is obtained with coffee ground before the use. An excellent Coffee can be recognized from the appearance and taste: the cream must be brown – reddish with stripes, the body must be dense and the taste persistent. On the contrary, an imperfect Coffee can be under extracted if it has a light cream with large bubbles, an inexistent body and a poor taste; or over extracted if it has a dark cream, a bitter taste, astringent with not much aroma.

To recognize a good bar Coffee, it is enough to pay attention to the exam of the cup, the cream must have a beautiful light brown color and be particularly dense, so that sugar can slowly descend and the cream can form again once the sugar is stirred. The temperature of coffee is very important, since the heat allows a better concentration of odorous substances that are different depending on the used blends.

With the association of olfactory and gustative sensations, professional people and connoisseurs can recognize the richness and taste corpulence. Moreover, being able to recognize a good Coffee facilitates the preparation of a good home-made coffee, even if the results will obviously be different because different and less sophisticated are the machines used to prepare it.


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Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is the registered trade description for the coffee grown in the deep rural Blue Mountains of Jamaica. This coffee is noted all over the world for its distinctive aroma, mild flavor and lack of bitterness. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is widely revered as the world’s best coffee.