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Total-toolbar introduces plethora of features in its new multifunctional toolbar

Total-toolbar, being the prominent toolbar development company, has launched its toolbar with multitude of features. Attachable with any browser, this is a dynamic toolbar that lets you customize and create your own buttons. It is a multifunctional toolbar that can contain “n” number of Firefox, Chrome or IE toolbars in its database. This IE toolbar developmentis capable of showing buttons with images, only text, text + images and drop-down menu as per user convenience.

Some unique features that total-toolbar boasts are as follows:

·   Plug-in Buttons which will fetch data from Plug-in and update that data in Toolbar with Plug-in Icon, Text and Dropdown info.

·   Get your company logo on the toolbar

·   GMailTool—Gmail configuration for email notification and direct, single click login if auto login feature is enabled.

·   One-click access to often used applications

·   Keyword search provided from Google, Yahoo and Windows Live search in extended ComboBox.

·   Tool tips for toolbar buttons.

·   Easy un-installation of Toolbar from Drop Down Menu selection

·   Popup Blocker to block the popup\unblock the popup.

·   Skins option for users to change skin color as it pleases them.

Multi-functional toolbar demo is available on Total-toolbar’s site, which includes plugins that dynamically fetches data and displays in the toolbar at a set frequency. Total-toolbar’s custom toolbar development enables users to enter sites, web forums, get private messages, and quickly access the most visited portal resources.

 “In the browser war, custom toolbar development can be an ultimate solution for increased productivity and efficiency. We believe in implementing latest technology to render high quality services to our users.” says Mr. Chintan Shah, head at Total-toolbar. Total-toolbar also provides custom toolbar development solutions for specific individual or business needs.

Total-toolbar’s multi-functional toolbar easily integrates with users’ web browser increasing their productivity and efficiency. Unlike other toolbars, this Internet Explorer toolbar is your ultimate browsing partner.


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Total-toolbar is a Custom Toolbar and Plug-in Development Company which crafts its niche in cost-effective multifunctional toolbar development using cutting-edge technology. At Total-toolbar, you get latest technology and experienced staff to convert your requirements into perfection.


Debdutta Nayak

Press contact Marketing Manager Marketing Total-Toolbar