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Urban Pioneer Launches New Initiatives to Help The Environment

San Francisco, CA –Urban Pioneer recognizes that in order to be a successful enterprise in the 21st century, a strong commitment to protecting the earth’s natural resources must be undertaken.  Recently, Urban Pioneer deepened their commitment to green living by instituting a three step water usage audit at their managed properties. 

What this means is that any ongoing leaks are identified, inefficient water usage practices are ferreted out, and areas that would benefit from replacement or upgraded fixtures come to light. This also results in a reduction in property expenses for both owners and residents.  The three step process involves a review of the monthly bill and the previous usage history, an analysis of the building systems and common area fixtures, and finally, enlisting the city’s help in performing a unit by unit “Water Wise” inspection.

The program was tested on a mixed use building with 20 residential units and two commercial units that all share the same water meter.  Before the audit began, the building’s water bill was averaging $6,000 per billing cycle. Post audit and implementation of all recommendations, the water bill dropped to $2,000 per billing cycle.  When Urban Pioneer tested this three step process on one of their properties the results were staggering, making it clear that going green was not only the right thing to do, but also the most financially sound decision as well.


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