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Food Allergies Slain By Cell Phones?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able scan a barcode with a mobile phone and get an instant read on whether that loaf of bread or gallon of ice cream contains food allergens? Well, thanks to organizations like GS1, that is a very real possibility.

Based in Australia, GS1 is working with Nestlé and Deakin University on a system that would allow barcoding to provide food allergy information. Being the world-wide authority on barcodes, GS1 has the power to make it happen. Barcodes are used all over the globe to provide information on just about every conceivable product. Being the institution responsible for maintaining the international UPC barcode standards, GS1 is in the perfect position to implement this new tool. They already oversee making the transportation of goods the world over easier to track and monitor. Making the leap into mobile barcoding just makes sense.

The next obvious step is already underway. An iPhone application is being crafted to read the barcode and give a red or green light on whether a particular food is allergen free. Originally developed by Deakin University, this particular app is being completed by GS1 to ensure all barcode standards are upheld and used most effectively and efficiently. They are also capable of modifying the barcode system itself so that the app is full functioning when it is released.

Mobile applications that monitor foods are not a new concept. Nearly since the invention of apps there have been calorie counters, fat gram charts, carb lists and point systems. What sets this food allergen mobile barcode system apart from the pack is that it will actually be a GS1 sponsored product. Being a part MobilCom, GS1’s global program, will give this app the credibility and exposure it needs to really become an effective tool for the countless people with food allergies.
This will also create the springboard for a global rollout of the application. While it is only in Australia for the time being, the rest of the world won’t be far behind. For more information on a usb barcode scanner Visit our wesbite.

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