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Credit Card Processing Made Easier than Ever

May 10, 2010-Every consumer and every business, big and small, relies on credit card payment processing to make purchases or sell products and services. While there are an abundance of processing options and methods to choose from, none seem to be as reliable or convenient as we would have hoped. Or at least that was the case before the major announcement of the USB Swiper. is proud to announce that they are now offering their revolutionary credit card processing system to consumers and small business owners all around the world. Now merchants can process payments on the go, benefit from all of the reliability that the system offers, and save money when finalizing sales or purchases. There is no longer any need for leasing or purchasing expensive processing equipment, no more long term contracts, and no more being strapped to your cash register or waiting days to finalize sales. With the USB Swiper every merchant can now make the most of their business thanks to flat rate and affordable pricing, as well as ease of use.

No matter where you need to go in order to find clients and consumers, as long as you have the internet and a USB swiper you can quickly and efficiently process payments and keep track of all of your records. If that wasn’t enough on its own, this all new, complete system is the only one of its kind that flows seamlessly with PayFlow merchant gateway and can be used with PayPal Payments Pro.

Forget typing in credit card numbers, writing everything on paper, spending hours recording all of your sales, or overpaying for other credit card processing services. By using PayPal on the go will all you to save time when it comes to any card or online sale processing and save money thanks to flat rate fees for all transactions. What may prove to be even better than that is the fact that with PayPal and USB Swiper you will receive any payments you make back should you need to process any refunds.

The USB Swiper is going to change the way businesses and merchants complete sales and will finally allow you to stop juggling a number of bank accounts and an array of statements. Simply close the deal, swipe the card, and get paid. It has never been so easy, affordable, or reliable to complete sales each day thanks to the USB Swiper.

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