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Electronic Cigarettes have Success Rate of 45%: Study

An electronic cigarette is 45% more successful than any other option for quitting cigarette.

One of the recent studies have established that when electronic cigarettes are used as a smoking quitting tool, they prove to be more than 45% successful than any other medium.

It is the most effective option available in the market that can help in getting rid of tobacco smoking.

The study was first if its kinds controlled by the government and was conducted by the government to find the effectiveness of electronic cigarette. The results of the study showed that effectiveness of the e cigarettes as a smoking quitting aid showed an impressive 45% success rate.

The study was conducted in South Africa over 349 participants for two months. Out of the total participants 45% were successful in quitting smoking cigarette after they adapted e cigarettes.

Doctors who had participated in the research found that electronic cigarettes are better alternatives to the conventional cigarettes. 6% of participating smokers were able to quit within 14 days and after 8 weeks 45% were able to quit the deadly habit.

More than half of the participants found that their energy levels increased and there was also a noticeable improvement in their physical appearance.

The study was led by Dr Clifford Hulley who was one amongst the doctors who have participated into it. Dr Hulley said, β€œAn electronic cigarette is a highly effective treatment for those who want to quit smoking.”

Another participant, Prof Martin Veller who is also Head Vascular Surgeon at the University of the Witwatersrand said, β€œI decided to become a part of the study after I saw positive changes into my wife after she started smoking Green Smoke electronic cigarettes. He said he had been advising his patients to consume e cigarettes as an alternative to their normal cigarettes.

Dr Kishore Deva, a Pretoria doctor said he was able to quit the cigarette within six weeks. Elaborating the advantages of e cigarettes, he said, β€œ10-15 e-cigarette puffs were similar to the amount of nicotine in a conventional tobacco cigarette.

He added on that the electronic cigarettes have nicotine which is not harmful for any sort of health risks. Dr. Deva said was the best resource to buy any brand of electronic cigarette.

At the starting of 2010, Health New Zealand had carried out a study to determine whether e cigarettes are safe to use. Head of research Dr Murray Laugeson revealed the results of the study saying that electronic cigarettes were not only very safe as compared to normal cigarettes, but also safe on various other parameters.

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