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Westhill invests in Mine Storage

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Westhill invests in Mine Storage

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Jan. 4th, 2021— Westhill today announced an investment in Mine Storage International AB, a leading Green Tech company developing power storage in underground mines.

“Mine Storage is fantastic company. They are utilizing old mines and equipping them with new technology and turning them into gigantic batteries and in that way helping to solve the universal problem of power storage” said Mr. Johan Apel, Chairman of Westhill “This investment fits perfect in our Green Tech portfolio” Mr. Apel added.

“We are very pleased to have Johan and his team on board” said Mr. Thomas Johansson, CEO at Mine Storage, “They are long-term investors with a deep multi-industry knowledge which will be invaluable as we are aggressively scaling our business”.

More information about Mine Storage is available at

Westhill has previously made Green Tech investments in companies developing electric engines, fuel cells, and NextGen computer storage to mention a few.

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Westhill Group is a Stockholm and New York based investment firm.

We invest half of our assets in the public markets and the other half in private companies. We invest broadly across multiple industries, but with a focus on media, green tech and health care. 

We take both majority and minority positions.

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