Press release - Releases it's Beta Version of their Free Website Building Tool

Wix has launched a new site that provides free website creation abilities to even the most novice site builder., an internet portal providing website building tools for designers of all skill levels, has released the free beta version of it's flash site building suite. The beta version of the site's program allows the user to make a website using a simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get interface. "The most sophisticated elements of flash site building are incorporated in such a way that the user can simply select, drag & drop," says the site's general manager.

"We've made unique and professional looking sites a simple matter for the average person with limited design ability. If a person has a particular vision for a website; using Wix will allow them to see that vision come to life. We've had first time site builder write us on how proud they were of their work - after just taking a little time to familiarize themselves with the endless options we have for their use; this includes tons of customizable website templates, a large variety of clip art pieces and hundreds of other elements to build a truly unique site."

To date, nearly four million sites have been built using the Wix program. These site range from personal to business to community organizations; Wix is available for broad utilization to users around the globe. To back up new (and experienced) developers, Wix has also added a blog and a forum for users to interact, and trade stories, tips and tricks that they've discovered in their design efforts. This interaction includes online assistance from the staff at Wix for users who want to make a website, but have a few questions along the way. A very helpful addition to the company's web offerings is the Learning Center, which has articles that cover a number of important points in the design and promotion process; there are instructional articles on everything from planning site-layout to properly executing a public relations program to promote a new site.


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