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Fourth Issue of "Sex Appeal" Magazine Launched

JULY 26, 2011 - DETROIT, MICHIGAN- Metro Detroiter Eric Bulls announced the release of Sex Appeal Magazine's fourth issue on July 15, 2011. The magazine was designed by Bulls to capture the true essence of the phrase "Sex Appeal" and to deliver cutting edge - and sometimes controversial - articles in a day when men and women alike seem to be intrigued by such topics.

The magazine's articles cover a range of subjects such as sex, drugs, money and entertainment. Its pages feature a diverse group of advertisers as well as attractive female models.

Sex Appeal Magazine's Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Eric Bulls, has even gone so far as to challenge the very definition of Sex Appeal. "I am seeking to change the phrase from the current dictionary definition of, 'Sex Appeal (noun) 1. Attractiveness to the opposite sex,' to the following: 'Sex Appeal (noun) 1. A sexually motivated phenomenon with the power of arousing a pleasing response," says Bulls.

Bulls adds, "The reason I chose to use the word 'phenomenon' in this definition is because you really can't explain why certain living things are 'Sex Appealing' to certain individual entities."

Seeking to change the dictionary definition of Sex Appeal has been met with some stone-walling, but Dr. Debra Laino, sex therapist and host of "Raw Sex" New Jersey 1360 AM, states, "All definitions are subject to change due to the changing nature of the social environment."

Laino believes the new definition provided by Bulls is one of meticulous thought and encompasses a much larger spectrum of sex appeal and sexuality. The new definition encompasses a new idea, one that has been needed for some time now. "It identifies the reality of Sex Appeal being unique to all living beings," says Dr. Laino.

Though the magazine is just getting off the ground, it has many prospects for future growth. Its present and future business ventures include the magazine, a photography company, a cosmetics company, a fragrance, a talent agency, a clothing line and a multimedia division of Sex Appeal Worldwide Entertainment, Inc.

More information about Sex Appeal Magazine is available at the Web address below: (no nudity)

For an interview or more information, please contact Eric J. Bulls by phone at +1-734-444-3300 or by email: eric@sexappealmagazine.coms


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Metro Detroiter Eric Bulls announced the release of Sex Appeal Magazine's fourth issue on July 15, 2011.