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VisiConsult becomes STEP Award finalist 2018

On December 3rd, the STEP Award was given to innovative companies and VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH was awarded as a finalist.

Since 2006, the competition around the STEP Award takes place annually, to honor innovative and fast-growing companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2016 the participants are composed of growth companies in the fields Science, Technology and IT, who are primarily active in the B2B business. The Award pursues the goal to support young companies in future industries and to give them an important impulse for a successful development. The STEP Award, as well as the network around it, are built to enable the applicants the way for the deciding “STEP”.

The family owned company VisiConsult made it under the finalists of the STEP Award. Hajo Schulenburg, General Manager of the company, received the award on 3rd December 2018. He is very proud to be able to build on previous successes. 2018 was a very successful year for his company: It was awarded as FOCUS Growth Champion and Innovation Winner in the field of IT. Also, VisiConsult made it under Europe’s fastest growing companies and the FT 1000 of the Financial Times. Furthermore, he and the whole VisiConsult team are very motivated to tie on all the successes from the past year and look forward to many exciting projects in the future.

VisiConsult from Northern Germany is with 80 employees a leading manufacturer of customized solutions in the field of non-destructive testing through X-ray technology. It exports high technology for the testing of components for the aerospace or automotive sector worldwide. The fully automatic solutions check that there are no hidden or structural defects. It is also a leader in public safety X-ray equipment, enabling the mobile systems to inspect suspicious baggage and defuse bombs around the world. VisiConsult is proud to contribute to a safe world with its solutions. 

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