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"Oddis Öga" is one of two treehouses at Näsets Marcusgård in Furudal. Photo: Visit Dalarna.
"Oddis Öga" is one of two treehouses at Näsets Marcusgård in Furudal. Photo: Visit Dalarna.

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Seven unique places to stay in Dalarna, Sweden

Unique accommodations are more popular than ever. In Dalarna, in Central Sweden, you’ll find treehouses that look like Christmas baubles, a raft in the middle of a lake, an old-fashioned, all-inclusive chalet, and peace, quiet and total isolation in the national park. Here are seven truly unique places to stay in Dalarna.

1. A treehouse nestled among the treetops

Spend the night in one of two luxury treehouses at Näsets Marcusgård in Furudal and truly become one with nature. The treehouses are available to rent out all-year round and come equipped with all the necessary amenities. Beds, underfloor heating, a wood-burning stove and LED lighting. Choose the “Supermåne” treehouse, that hangs from the treetops like a shiny red bauble, for the chance to hear the wind sing you to your sleep and watch the sunrise through the cupola window. Or choose the unique “Oddis öga” forest hut, with magical views of the enchanting forest around you.

2. Glamping in the wild

Imagine lying in a double bed in a large, well-lit tent with views over the lake and the countryside. Just like camping, only with a wonderful bed to sleep in and clean sheets just like at a hotel. Glamping is a new way of camping for people who want to get closer to nature without getting too far off the beaten track. On a typical day of “glamping” at Korså Forest Camp outside Falun, you will wake up to the sound of gently lapping waves, eat breakfast on the bridge and then take a boat or canoe out for a paddle and a swim. Maybe you’ll pick some berries or mushrooms in the forest, take a nap in the hammock or snuggle up with a blanket in front of the campfire.

3. Sami goahti

Sleep on reindeer skin under a starry sky with the crackle of the fire in your ears. Enjoy the fantastic mountain landscape of Grövelsjön in northern Dalarna, combined with an amazing inside look at Sami culture. In the evenings, why not book a dinner package with Sami delicacies where you’ll savour all sorts of dishes and hear stories of Sami food culture. After dinner, spend the night in one of the goahtis (a traditional Sami hut) with mountain views right on your doorstep – guaranteed to add a bit of spice to breakfast the next morning.
Samitipi Renbiten, Grövelsjön.

4. Raft hotel floating in the middle of the lake

Take a canoe to this floating hotel room, situated on a raft in the middle of the Orsasjön lake. Check in “as usual” at the nearby Kungshaga Hotell where you’ll pick up your room keys and your canoes – all included in the price. Then it’s just a short 10 – 15-minute paddle out into the lake to your overnight rest-stop. The room comes with a double bed, table and bench, a chemical toilet with basin and running water, battery-powered lighting and USB charging facilities. Lying on the bed, you’ll get 360º views through the windows and glass door. You can even sit outside on a little platform to enjoy the view, the nature and the peace and quiet.

5. In the heart of the national park

Nestled on the plateau in Fulufjället National Park, about an hour’s hike from one of Sweden’s highest waterfalls, Njupeskär, you’ll find Rösjöstugorna and the new Eco Camp with glamping tents. Enjoy a stay in an isolated tent with super comfy beds and breathe in the sight of the vast mountain plateau and lake Lilla Rörsjön and Nipfjället and Städjan. Collect water from the stream, take a trip to the outhouse and lit the gas stove in the evenings. In other words, enjoy a simple yet comfortable way of life. You can also hire punts, kayaks or canoes and go fishing in Rösjön lake, right on your doorstep. Not to mention the sauna that is ideally located to allow unobstructed 360º views of the surrounding mountains. Spend your days hiking around the national park or simply enjoy the breathtaking mountain vistas.

6. Old-fashioned, all-inclusive chalet

Grab a map, directions and packed lunch at check-in. Then hike up to your very own chalet, hidden in an isolated clearing, for a proper chalet experience in comfort. Here you’ll find an earth cellar filled with homemade goodies for you to cook over an open fire. Afterwards, slide into bed under thick, warm duvets and linen sheets before waking the next morning to the sounds of the forest and the twittering of the birds.
Wålstedts, Dala-Floda.

7. Zero reception

At Navarsjön lake, in the wilderness of northern Dalarna, you’ll find an outpost called Navardalens Vildmarksstation. Come here to rest and recuperate in the wild alongside native elk, bears and lynx. Switch off, disconnect and enjoy the wilderness – there’s no electricity here and limited mobile reception. Instead, you’ll find plenty of time for relaxing in the wood-fired sauna, fishing in the lake and exploring the exciting and beautiful nature. Use wood, gasoline, kerosene and candles for light, and to warm yourselves up and cook up a treat or two. Simple comfort guaranteed!

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